Truffled and Barolo delicacy
Truffled and Chardonnay delicacy

Truffled and Barolo delicacy F.: 100 ml

The marriage of two products considered the Kings of culinary tradition typical of the Langhe originates a high quality product, unique of its kind.
This product is excellent to enrich dishes like meat and vegetables grills, grilled lobsters, matured cheese and boiled potatoes.

Truffled and Chardonnay delicacy F.: 100 ml

With an elegant flavour, the meeting between the Chardonnay wine, a delicate and fruity wine, and the truffle of Langhe.
This product is ideal to enrich grilled meat and fish, matured cheese and vegetables.
Ottima per impreziosire formaggi stagionati, carni di vitello e pesce alla griglia, roast beef e verdure.