• Specialità al Tartufo
  • Specialità ai funghi
  • Specialità all'aceto balsamico di Modena I.G.P.
  • Specialità ai carciofi

The italian tradition Taste

La Malva Rosa was founded from the experience of handicraft producer of sauces, starters and egg pasta.

Thanks to selected raw materials, passion for high quality food, trough the research for ancient traditions and the rediscovery of old Piedmontese and Ligurian recipes, expressed and prepared with care and simplicity, La Malva Rosa rediscovers a natural cuisine called "poor" in the past that offers authentic flavours and fresh aromas, preserved in good olive oil known as the only preserving agent before modern chemical agents were discovered.

La Malva Rosa produces egg pasta and special pasta made with eggs and truffles, boletus edulis, strawberries and Barolo wine, chocolate, chocolate and chilli, chocolate and orange, chilli and garlic, tomato and chilli, chestnuts, rocket, basil, coffee and more. All our different kinds of pasta are made from first choice selected durum wheat semolina, 35% fresh eggs and other natural ingredients.

La Malva Rosa produces sauces in perfect accompaniment with our egg pasta, as well as creams, tomato sauces, pesto, starters, rice, polenta, chutneys for cheeses, honey and desserts. To this wide range of products, a line of accurate selected fruit in syrup has been recently added.

We have used excellent DOC wines such as Moscato and Freisa to enhance the flavour of fruit like peaches, apricots, cherries and berries.

All our products are natural, with no addition of any preserving or colouring matters.